Allow login with phone number

I’m being asked to support user login using both email and phone number. What is a standard or recommended implementation to allow for both? It seems to me that there should only be one IDENTITY column in the Users table, so should I change the name of the email column to emailOrPhoneNumber? Should I leave email as is and create a phoneNumber column and authenticate against it? I understand I could integrate Twilio, but sending SMS is currently not a hard requirement (it might soon be though), so ideally I implement a solution that does not require it. Guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The Twilio plugin we offer in the Marketplace is designed to handle that very use case:

If sending SMS is not a hard requirement, how will you be validating that a user is who they say they are when they log in with a phone number?

Thanks Mark. The user accounts are created by organization managers. The users I am told often have phone numbers but not email addresses.

You are welcome.

When you said that sms is not a requirement, it wasn’t clear to me how you can authenticate a user without sms when they login with a phone number.

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