Alternative account validation

Hello everyone,

I’m testing backendless to see if I can switch my app from my custom written api to backendless.
However, I’m having a lot of questions that I’m trying to solve myself, but … I can’t figure out the best approach to solve this issue: I want to enable account validation (email validation) to the users object, but I don’t want any validation link to be sent, what I actually want is simply 6 random digits to be sent by email where the user can use them to validate the account in the app, any advice? and has someone done something similar using backendless?


Hi Khalil,

This can be handled in Backendless custom business logic. You’d create an API event handler for the “Register” event. In the handler you would:

    Generate 6 digit code Save the code in Backendless Send an email to the user with the code.
Here's a quick start guide on API Event handlers:


Hi Mark,
Thank you for the quick reply, after digging deeper in the docs I realised that it can be established this way.
Thanks again and keep up the great work!