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Alternative email address for billing message

Can I please request a feature?

I would like to use an alternative email address for billing. For example backendless invoices in my organisation are handled by an account manager and not the developer. I would like to nominate an email address of the account manager to receive the invoices or billing messages.

Thank you


Hello Steven,

Could you please provide the email address the invoices or billing messages should be received on?


Hi Olha

Thanks for your message. I was kind of hoping for this feature to be added so I can configure this myself within the application. Is this possible?

Thank you

Hi Steven,

Since this is not a frequently requested feature, this kind of change can be done manually at this point. If you ever need to change the email address in the billing subsystem of Backendless, please contact and we will be happy to assist.


Thank you Mark for clarification. That’s absolutely fine and happy to work with this.