Android Extended / Big Push Messages

Hi Guys

When I send an android push notification which extends more than one line I can not expand the notification to see the remainder of the text on the push notification. I can expand other push notifications which arrive to my android phone, but not the ones sent via backendless api.

Do you know if this is possible?



Hello Mike

We need a little bit more details:

  1. What do you mean by ‘expand’ push notification?
  2. Are you using backendless 3 or 4
  3. Are you sending notifications via backendless console or through the code
  4. If you are using code for message publishing - please provide a code snippet so we could better understand the use case

Thanks in advance,
Regards Anton

Hi Anton

  1. OK - that wasn’t a very helpful description to help you. I think the push notifications I am sending by default are referred to as normal view, whereas maybe what I am trying to achieve is a big view as mentioned here

Urban airship also mention ‘big_text’ style android push notifications here

Bottom line is whatever they are called I would like to be able to ‘expand’ the messages received to show all the text which I know is possible somehow as other notifications I get I can expand by making the box which the notification is shown inside bigger. I can’t do this with the backendless messages.

  1. Backendless 3.0

  2. Through code. Note: messages are probably working as expected if they are short messages and I am not suggesting this is a backendless problem, but somehow it must be possible to send longer text messages like Urban airship etc are able to do. Maybe this is one for the future, or maybe you can actually do it now and I am just missing something, or maybe I need to do something further inside my android app when messages are received which is outside your remit.

  3. I am sending through javascript app

var publishOptions = new PublishOptions();
publishOptions.publisherId =“xxx”;

publishOptions.headers = {“android-content-text”:messageShort, “android-content-title”:messageTitle, “android-ticker-text”:messageLong};
var channel = “default”;

var response = Backendless.Messaging.publish( channel, messageLong, publishOptions);

You can customize the push notification view just as you like, if you override the onMessage() method in your CustomPushService:

  public boolean onMessage( Context context, Intent intent )
    String message = intent.getStringExtra( "message" );

    /* here you create and display your custom push view */
    /* e.g. NotificationCompat.Builder(this).setSomething().build()

    return false; // this is important since it "turns off" displaying default push view

You can also see how it’s implemented by default here:

Ah ok brill, thanks for putting me in the right direction Sergey