android new dependency

RestaurantToGo imported with dependency Backendless:android:1.0 worked, but not as directed in video tutorial. Video said to change Application ID and Secret code in order_success, but to get app to work I had to change the Application ID and Secret code in restaurant_list.

When new dependency was Backendless:android:4.0.0-beta1 the app failed: BackendlessFault “Table with the name Restaurant does not exist…”

Hi Bryon,

The 4.0.0-beta must be used with Backendless 4:

The RestaurantToGo app was built with the 3.x version of the platform. Make sure to get the latest 3.x version of the SDK for that to compile and work.


Mark, do you have an approximate date for Cloud release yet?

We are not that far from getting 4.0 into the Cloud. I estimate it would be some time in April.

problem solved. Thanks.