android simple chat application is not working.


I am new to backendless, I created a sample project and by using code generation feature I downloaded sample chat application code.
I added Google project Id and Google Api Key for push notifications also. After running, the app is asking for nickname after providing the nickname app moved to the list of users. After selecting one user application is always showing waiting for user acceptance but in another end, i am not getting any chat request.


Are you using real devices, or emulators?

Hi Alexandr,
I am testing on two xiaomi redmi note 3 devices (android version 6).

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce your issue.

Try to debug you app: put a breakpoint in class PushReceiver at the first line of “onMessage” method. Then attach debugger and send push notification through console. If you’ve configured your app correct - you’ll be able to stop there. Otherwise recheck the google credentials.

Hi I observed the following during testing,

  1. Installed the app on two devices (Device - A and Device - b) gave nicknames as DA and DB.
  2. Now both the devices are in list of users activity, In device A user clicked on DA (own channel) then also it is showing waiting for user acceptance.

At step 2 a push notification should be sent to another device. I guess that it’s being sent, but not received. That’s why I’ve asked you to debug the code - debugging would show if your google credentials are correct.