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API Call to backendless always using HTTP ( No HTTPS )

(Ayman Hamdan) #1

I’m using backendless.swc sdk for Flex/ActionScript. No matter how I setup SITE_URL with http or https, the api call to backendless is always using http. I verified that by opening the developer window in the browser and checking the network tab.

(Mark Piller) #2


The SDK is open source, you’re welcome to check out the source and see if you can identify where the problem is. We’d love the community to help out in making the SDK better.


(Ayman Hamdan) #3

Ok, found the issue and the suggested modifications are attached:

    I added a new class named "" in the messaging folder. This class extends the SecureAMFChannel rather than the AMFChannel I modified initChannel function to decide which channel - SecureBackendlessChannel(https) or BackendlessChannel(http) - to use based on the existence of "https" in the AMF_ENDPOINT.

BackendlessClient.txt (4.9kB)

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #4

please create pull request on github so we will able to check changes