API isn't saving my Double values

Hello, I am new to Backendless so please forget my newbie question. I am testing Backendless for converting my current project from Parse. I setup my class to hold my table data from Backendless and tried a simple add record function. Its saves my data on the backend except my double vars. See below code and the attached screenshot of my data console

Class to hold my table vars

class Accounts : NSObject {

    var objectId : String?

    var user : String?

    var NumberOrNickname : String?

    var type : String?

    var Balance : Double?
    var InitialBalance?


//code to add record to table
func addRecord(){

    let backendless = Backendless.sharedInstance()
    let newAccount = Accounts()
    newAccount.user = "test@msn.com"
    newAccount.NumberOrNickname = "Checking3"
    newAccount.type = "Checking"
    newAccount.Balance = 200.05

    newAccount.InititalBalance : 1000.57


    print("Saved Data")


Hi Paul,

Please make to pre-initialize your Double (and Boolean values if you have any). Optional double/boolean values are not supported by our serializer.


awesome, that was it. told you it was a newb question. Thanks for the superfast response.