API not working

Hi Good Day.
It seems to be this api https://api.backendless.com is still not working since yesterday in our application (both develop and prod).
Please let us know if it’s working for the others.
Kindly check.


Could you please provide an example of a request which fails for you?

Also, what is your application ID?


Thanks for the response Mark. It’s working now. But it takes to 2 or 3 minutes before we can login or register an account to the application. the api responses very slow.

I was able to register now but try to look at the waiting in the timings section in the dev tools.
See attached screenshots.

We had absolutely no downtime or slowdowns today and all the systems are operational. What is your application ID so we can diagnose it from our end?

Hi Mark.
This is our appId: 0821ED8C-1618-AEA0-FF94-E43038CAF900


Are you using version “v1_2” ?

Also, is there any particular reason you are not using your dedicated (Managed) installation?

Hi Mark.
We’ve just switched the api to backflip.backendless.com now. And it’s work fine for me.
Hope it will also works fine for the others.

Thanks again Mark.

~ rexon

Hey guys, we have an email going out for a professor to teach a course the next week or two, they will be using the site daily. How confident are we that things will remain stable?

As long as you’re using the Managed version, everything should be good.