API Request are lately INCREDIBLY slow

In the past few days my api request have been incredibly slow. For most of my request they are just data service operations. In the past these have been satisfactorily responsive. But lately a request that use to take 80ms is now taking anywhere from 2s all the way up to 25s.

In addition, I have one custom event handler that use to always return within a couple seconds. It seems now I am extremely lucky if it returns successfully at all. I am constantly getting

{"code":15000,"message":"Custom business logic execution has been terminated because it did not complete in permitted time - 5 seconds"}

We are currently working on a problem causing general slow down of the service. We hope to have it fixed this week. It is causing the behavior you’re experiencing.


Good day, did no you fix it yet? I am having the same error and am not able to figure out if this problems come out from my side or not. Thank you.

Yes, this has already been fixed. We’re not seeing any slow down with the response times.