App on UI Builder not publishing


This is an old app that was up and running. I made some edits to the home page. When I publish it (created a web directory under Root), it is still showing the old version on laptop and mobile browsers.

The app Id is B494037B-8886-405F-FFF3-9C5FAEA10D00

Could you please check if there is an issue at your end?

Hi Sanjay,

Two questions:

  1. What directory was the app published to before?
  2. What directory do you publish it to now?


Hi Mark
I can’t remember what it was before. But today, I created a web directory under root, and used that to publish.


What URL do you use to verify the application has been updated? In other words, what is the URL to see the new version of the app?

Looks like you created “web” directory under “web”:

As a result, your previous version is running here:
And the new version is running here:


Worked. Silly mistake.