Appgyver & Backendless user login setup issues

I am having some issues with Appgyver & Backendless, I am getting Status: 401 Invalid login or password, I am using a login and password that works when testing it in the backendless REST Console. any suggestions as to what may be the issue?

I have been using the Backendless guide to setup Appgyver, and a user made Appgyver guide to setup with Backendless and can’t seem to get a Status: OK server response.

Here are screenshots of what’s going on, and the blacked out section is my valid app id and api keys. (the user registration function works)

Appgyver Base Setup

Create Post Config

Create Post Schema

Valid Backendless user

Backlendless User login in proof

Using user as Test

Test Result

And the current role permission current established for the NotAuthenticatedUser are all denied except for the create permission for purpose of creating and testing.

@Dima_Vak, thank you for the response on the other post. I hope this helps layout how things are setup, and explain the issue I am having. I feel like I may have missed something in between all the documentation and the setup.

Thanks for any help that can be provided

Hello @Walter_Figgeroa

Please provide what kind of request goes to Backendless. This can be traced with the inspect element -network tab, for example for chrome - chrome inspect element network tab
This is what the request might look like:

Please change to password - password, login -, and try again.

@Vladimir_Yalovy Thank you, I did not even catch that the login fields were flipped around.