Application Deleted Automatically

My Application was deleted from my account automatically. My App ID is 38698B33-E743-E536-FF6F-610C2D8C0C00.

Hi John,
It could happen if there was no API calls activity by your app during a long time.
We’re looking into it and we shall restore your app ASAP.
Regards Ilya

Ok, Thank you.

I also had another Application that disappeared and that ones ID is 54146C11-6AAB-2CD9-FF82-0E5428576E00.

One other request, in the future would it be possible to send notifications warning that an app is close to the point of being discontinued?

Ok, we will try to restore both these apps.

Sorry, but now we don’t have such notification.
It is a helpful feature and we will discuss the possibility to implement it.

Regards Ilya

Hi John,
Sorry for the delay with the answer.
One your app (with id 38698B33-E743-E536-FF6F-610C2D8C0C00) has been restored.
As about another one (with id 54146C11-6AAB-2CD9-FF82-0E5428576E00), it has not been deleted.
I’ve checked this app and I can confirm that this app exists and there is one developer who has access to it (it is you).
Please, check now if you can use both these apps.
Regards, Ilya