Automatically load relations without "autoload"

Here is my User table. One of them has relation to Meme table. Pay attention: autoload is off!</img>
And there is my Meme table</img>
And if I request GET method like this</img>
it happens even if I try with relation depth = 1</img>

I get “liked” relations too with turned off autoload. Is it a bug? Thanks.

But if I invoke GET method like this</img>
all works correctly


You started by describing the Users, table, however, the screenshot shows that you’re loading data from the Meme table:</img>

So what happens here, is the “author” column in Meme has autoload enabled. When that relation is returned, it also pulls the “liked” column (which seems wrong, we will have to verify it).


Sure, my fault, I’m loading data from Meme Table of course.

No problem. I opened an internal ticket to investigate this behavior: BKNDLSS-15731


we have fixed this issue, please check with your application

Problem is solved