Backend not working

At the current time (21:38 GMT +2) your server is not responding. How can we relay on you to be an alternative to Parse when such things occur? And it’s like the third time in a week, since we are using your service.

We have not had any downtime in a while. All systems are operational. What error are you getting? What do you see when you open in a browser?

I’m encountering the same issue; using the online GUI, navigating to “Data” for my backend is stuck on the “Loading” animation, and all of my requests are timing out.

EDIT: Same as Kyle, I am using .NET and Andoird SDKs.

I’m having the same issue now. The link @Mark Piller gave ( is responding with

All works!  dbe08313b4d0b3500d89ab925a4df0ffb97e752b 3.0.7 hotfix import

but all requests are not getting responses.

This is happening with Android and .NET SDKs at least.

Could you try it now?

It is working for me again. Thanks for looking in to this.

Is this something that will likely continue to happen?

I can also use it now.

Thanks for confirming. Only a subset of users were impacted. All systems are operational, no data loss has occurred.