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Backendless confirmation email sends me straight to console

(Cory Green) #1

I signed up for the free version just to check things out. I went through the motions of signing up and was waiting for the confirmation email to arrive. It came through just fine and after following the link, it went straight to my console… like I had logged in. Which is great, except I never setup my password. So, now I can only get to my console if I hit 'resend confirmation email '. This shouldn’t happen. I’ve reset my password (that doesnt exist) and it seems to take but, when I try logging in using that password, it tells me I need to confirm my email address first… So yeah. Any help? Thanks!

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Cory,

How did you initially sign up? Did you use the registration page? or perhaps using Google or Twitter account?


(Cory Green) #3

I used the backendless registration site not using my google or twitter accounts.

(Mark Piller) #4

That one does have the password field, which is mandatory:

(Cory Green) #5

Ok thanks! I must have gotten things mixed up. I resent the confirmation email and it took me back to my console once I followed the link. But, upon trying to log back in, it still says I need to confirm my email address…

(Mark Piller) #6

I see the system sent you 4 confirmation emails with the link in each. Which one did you click?

(Cory Green) #7

I used the url ending in 9DA6E14B0B00.

(Mark Piller) #8

You will receive another email with the link. Please do not click it, I want to experience what you’re seeing first hand.

(Mark Piller) #9

Could you please try logging in now?

(Cory Green) #10

And there we go! Thank you for your help! It worked.