Backendless offset is not working ?

Backendless offset is not working properly.Even after changing the offset from 0 to 10 or to any value, it is always returning first 10 objects.

Please help to solve this object.

Please show the code snippet how you set the offset and specify which SDK do you use?

I have used the syntax provided in paging section, I am using backendless 4, it is returning only first 10 objects even after setting offset 10 in the second query.

Offset is like an indent - how many objects ahead you need to retrieve. If you want to increase count of object returning to you, set the pageSize property just like the offset.

I have fetch and store in medicine array. You now check the syntax of offset and paging.


backendless.docx (13.85kB)

The problem is that you’re not passing the queryBuilder to the find call, while you should.
What doc page have you been referring to?

what language