Backendless.Persistence.find issue when switch to version 4 of backendless

Hi, I changed my app to version 4 of backendless. The migration in the site had no issues but when tried to build my app in Android Studio my issues started. I thought it was just something about changing the application ID but no … after changed it I received an error as my keys were incorrect.

. Do I need to change other keys besides the application ID?

Now let’s assume the issue is beyond the IDs … I entered the new dependency in my gradle file reference to version 4 of backendless now I am getting errors in the method:

Backendless.Persistence.find(FarmBackEnd.class, dataQuery,
new AsyncCallback<BackendlessCollection<FarmBackEnd>>()

It seems that the handling of this method changed it. I am attaching the error shown hoping someone can help.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Diego,

Backendless 4 changes some API signatures. For example, the BackendlessCollection class has been removed. You can read about the changes here: