Backendless User Registration with Social Login

Hi -
My app supports social login and i currently support Facebook and Google sign in with no manual sign in or anonymous login. Everything works great except the following use cases.

  1. User logs in with Facebook (lets say using
  2. User logs off and tries logging in with Google (using the same gmail id)
  3. User successfully gets authenticated by Google but backendless doesn’t register it as a new user nor throw an error. Registration process gets completed but still has FB data.

Any reason why backendless allows it? I’m guess its because of same email id. Any way to mitigate this?


Any update on this?

Internal ticket BKNDLSS-12585 is opened, we will let know about a solution

any update on this ticket?

Hi, Arasan.
Working on this issue.
Thanks for your patience.

The situation you’ve described is a valid case - when we login user via social network we look whether the user with the same identity already exists and if it is so we return the already registered user instead of registering second one (actually, trying to register another user with the same identity would cause an error). By default identity is email field, but you can change to other field (including custom ones). The identity field column is marked blue (as shown on screenshots) and can be changed in Users/User Properties.

Thanks Anatolii -

I changed the default identity to “socialid” and now i get an error “Duplicate entry” when a user tries to register with the same email id as i expected. Thanks for the tip.