BackendlessFault{ code: '8021'} on first create object with relations

When i lauch my app, the first create object with relations throw an error :
BackendlessFault{ code: ‘8021’, message: 'Saved related data contains inconsistent properties definitions. Please, make sure all related objects contain the same properties set or define all needed properties from console first ’ }
For other create functions calls with relations , it works perfectly.
I user Android SDK v3.0.20.1

This error occurs when you save an object with a collection of related objects and the collection contains objects if different types.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your response, Mark.

But i got this error the first time I try to save data in BackendLess, with the second try with same data it works perfectly.

Hi Clements,

This is rather odd, I do not have an explanation offhand. Please let us know if the problem reemerges.

p.s. I will close this topic as “Solved” for now.