Backenless 4.0 console

How to open Backenless4.0 console?
Whenever i login into Backenless, its taking me to previous vesion and migrate to 4.0 is appearing.and when i press migrate, my files are being archived and i received an email with instruction that says login to Backenless4.0 console.
Could anyone please tell me how can i do it ?

Hi Vidya,

Backendless 4.0 is not yet available in the Cloud.

Okk thanks…can you tell me when it could be available… because i could really use the upgrade for using two certificates for ios notifications

It is expected to appear in the Cloud in the late April, but there’s always a possibility that this timeline may be shifted a bit.

For now you may download the Backendless Pro 4.0 in order to prepare your client application to the transition.