beforeSocialRegister: argument type mismatch

Problem with beforeSocialRegister. In debug work good, but in production server return fault “argument type mismatch”. I can not understand what could be the problem.

results: the code is not executed at all, since in the presence of only
one throw new BackendlessException still returns the same error
“argument type mismatch”.

This is the code of my handler:

public class GenericUserEventHandler extends com.backendless.servercode.extension.UserExtender {

    private static final String COUNTER_NAME = "UserIdCounter";

    public void beforeSocialRegister(RunnerContext context, Map<String, String> userProperties, SocialType socialType) throws Exception {
        IAtomic<Integer> userIdCounter = Backendless.Counters.of(COUNTER_NAME, Integer.class);

        Integer newId = userIdCounter.getAndIncrement();

        userProperties.put("id", String.valueOf(newId));


Provide your application id please so we can investigate your problem.

My app id: D33DADDE-AD6E-8BDA-FF03-EB5528A14A00

Thank you. I’ve reproduced your issue and created an internal ticket. Its id is BKNDLSS-13174.
We shall notify you when it’s fixed.

May be some news about progress?

Hello Handy,

it is still in progress, I will change priority to the higher level. But I suppose it would available in 2 or 3 weeks.