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Billing Request

(Youssef Fitasse) #1

Hi There

We need you to send us a payment request, Because we have to pay the bill,
but trough your landing page there are some issues

Thank you

(Mark Piller) #2


Have you updated a credit card on your app through Backendless console?


(Youssef Fitasse) #3

Hi Mark, Thank you for the prompt response.
Yes I have updated the credi Card but nothing has Changed

(Mark Piller) #4

What is your app id?

(Youssef Fitasse) #5

appID: D47C16E4-5548-E79C-FF19-9D440EFB4800

(Mark Piller) #6

Payment went through and the application has been unblocked. The reason the app was not working is because the system tried processing your card multiple times. It sent 5 notifications to you every time the processing failed. After the final attempt the app gets blocked. The emails described that in detail. To avoid this in the future, please pay attention to any notifications sent by the billing system.

Kind regards,

(Leonardo Zambrano) #7

Hi, I already updated the credit card but don’t see any way to force the application to charge the new card… how can I make this so it starts working again? Thanks!

(Mark Piller) #8

Hi Leonardo,

I just updated it on our end. Payment went through and the application should be unblocked.


(Alisha Shaik) #9

i have one doubt if add my credit card the bill will automatically deducted from my card or is it require my authentication

i am new to this backendless
i want to install alexa skill sdk but it asking me to add credit card info
i want to run a free pack of backendless
please guide me properly

(Mark Piller) #10

The card will be billed only if you decide to stay on the same pricing plan after the trial is over. However, if you decide to switch to the free plan, then you can remove the purchases from the marketplace and switch to the free plan.