Blank page after clicking confirmation link (using custom domain)

Without a custom domain setting (leaving blank), our email confirmation process works flawlessly. (Enables accounts, User sees the HTML page we have created)
However, when we put in for the setting, our email confirmation links take the user to a blank page. What’s interesting is it actually marks the userStatus field as “Enabled”.
Here is the CNAME setting in our DNS manager (image attached).
Are we doing something wrong? Is our HTML page in the wrong location?

Hi Parley,

A custom domain is mapped to the /web folder located in the file storage of your backend. The email registration template is located at /web/templates/registration. What does the URL which you use in the email look like?


For ‘Custom Domain’ I have specified:
In my own CNAME control panel, I have specified a host record of app that points to
The email confirmation links are appearing as… (without the ‘app’) Clicking it takes me to a page not found html from my wordpress.
HOWEVER, when I manually edit the confirmation link to say… it works.
It appears that what I specify in for custom domain in BL doesn’t update the actual links. In fact, I have tested that when I remove the custom domain altogether, my confirmation links STILL have
This is a problem as people cannot confirm their accounts now!

Seems to be resolved now thanks