Bugs on release APK on play store

I’m getting bugs from the signed version of my app that is on the play store such as creating empty objects in my tables. This happens when I make a query or try to save an object. I’ve created test cases for the version on the play store and the debug version built from Android Studio and those bugs aren’t present at debug level. Have you heard of something similar? Any advice on how I can figure this out?

Hi Manenga,

Please, provide us more details about your issue.
It will be great if you give us code examples and steps to reproduce this problem.

Regards Ilya

Hi Ilya,

I know very little about this issue. All I know is when I use the build compiled from running the code on my device in Android Studio, there are no issues. But when build a signed APK and upload it to Google Play & download it, it creates empty objects. As in objects with no data in any of their columns except ownerId and objectId. And I have pinned pointed it to occasions when I do a query or update an object. That’s all I know.


Hello @Manenga Mungandi
In what table does the objects appear?
Try to fetch one of empty objects in REST console to be sure that it is really empty

Hi @Artur,

In my Songs table. It doesn’t matter that the objects are empty, the issue is that they are being created in the first place without me implementing code to create new objects.


What is your application id?