Bulk updating 1:1 relations

I have two tables, Assessments and Users. Each Assessment has a 1:1 Relationship to Users. I want to update multiple Assessments in one go, and set the relationship for these to another user.

To do this, do I have to iterate over them and use multiple DB calls and Set Object Relations from the Assessment table, or can I do this in one go somehow from the Users table instead?

Hello @Egil_Helland

Maybe this will help you


I am doing it as a transaction for now, so it is ok, but I was hoping for a way to update multiple records to have the same “child”. I tried to run an update of the Users table with parent field set to Assessment[Rel_User], where Rel_User is the name of the relationship field in the Assessment table, but when I did I got CORS errors in the console, so I guess updating 1:1 relationships only works “one way”.

All this makes sense, but was just hoping for a even more clever way of working the data :slight_smile: