Business logic billing questions

After studying Backendless Cloud Pricing | Backend as a Service and API Management, I have a number of questions concerning billing of business logic resources. I’m currently working with the springboard plan and I want to understand costs after upgrading to CLOUD 9.

  1. Cloud Code scripts: What is precisely meant with that? The info icon tells “number of event handlers and timers”. What about API Services?
  2. Cloud Code deployment size:
    • Again, the restriction to event handlers and timers. What about API Services?
    • What is really measured? The deployment archive “”, or the total storage consumption of code on the cloud file system.
    • Assume, I have 100 MB of code, which is possible being on Springboard. Cloud 9 has a restriction to 20 MB. This means that I would have additional 80$ monthly when upgrading to Cloud 9?

Thanks for clarification,

Hello @Klaas_Klever

  1. Cloud Code scripts limit only the number of timers and event handlers. In the case of methods for API services this is not limited. But there is a limit for Cloud Code deployment size.
  2. In this case, the total consumption of code for storage in the cloud file system is measured. For the Cloud 9 and Cloud 99 plans, this limit can be increased with a purchase from the Marketplace. Enhanced Hosted Service Size (20 MB) costs $10. So an extra 80 MB would cost $40.