Business logic works on debug mode, but not after published

I have an event handler (specifically an after update handler) that basically makes a post request to a php web-service. The logic is written in Java, I’m using a java native synchronous call to make that post request as I know CodeRunner doesn’t support async APIs.

The whole thing (invocation of the event handler, post request to server, getting intended results) all works well in Debug mode. However, once the business logic is published, it just doesn’t work. I can’t tell where it is failing/breaking after it’s pushed live.

I read this

But I couldn’t find any logging directory in the files section of the console.

So any idea what’s going on, or how to tell what’s going on, and why it only works flawlessly on debug mode?

You need to go here:
Manage -> Log Management -> At the right side you see log files.

It says that there are no log files for this application.

Alright I just invoked the business logic and log file popped up. But when I downloaded and opened it, it said “Log is empty”

Please, investigate our documentation about Log service (especially, when you use it in different environments - Android, Plain Java).

Hello Salman

Please let me know whether the issue is solved or not

Regards Anton