[BusinessLogic] Can I send messages as a result of an Geoquery update?

Hi again,

just not turn crazy, can I send a push notification from the business logic as a result of an geolocation update from a client?

Seems I can’t, I always get “timeout” when I click on the log at the debugging tab of businessLogic.


Hi Israel,

The duration of each “run” of the code in the custom business logic handler is determined by the pricing plan you’re on. With the free plan it is 5 seconds. With the Backendless Plus plan it is 20 seconds. I suspect the timeout occurs because the code takes more than 5 seconds to run.


So if either my code took less than 5 seconds or I got the Plus plan I would be able from a handler of geolocation to fetch some geopoints and then call Message to send notifications to clients, correct?


If you can fit that logic under 5 seconds on the free plan OR under 20 seconds on the Plus plan, then yes, you would be able to do that.

Cool, thanks a lot Mark :slight_smile:
Have a nice weekend!