Can a data table show columns from a related table?

I am having trouble in UI builder showing related data in a data table.

I can build a custom view that includes it on the backend, but the problem is that view is not editable.

Ideally, I would like to edit and the data on the table, and at least view the related data.

Working the masterclass Retrieving data lesson right now, since I suspect it has the answer.

Hello @Will_Sargent

The Data Table component can only work with top-level data tables,
however, there is a way to read/edit related data tables:

you need to have another Data Table component and using ‘Where Clause Logic’ you can control what records the table loads and displays

Thanks Vladimir. I’ll continue to dig into that in the masterclass.

On the upside, in the 24 hours since I’ve started digging in seriously, I have managed to create a custom generic function that links a parent to a child automatically when a record is created or updated via event handlers, and also logs custom messages to the various logs including the function version.

Great job! Keep going!

I believe, in a few days you will be so surprised about how powerful Backendless is and how it is simple to create a real application in a short amount of time.