Can Backendless do bulk data transforms?

I’m new to Backendless (coming from Bubble).

Bubble doesn’t do bulk data transforms particularly well or reliably so I currently use Parabola to transform my Bubble stored data when needed.

Is Backendless capable of doing Parabola-like bulk data transforms?

Much appreciated.

Hi @eddie7

I’m not familiar with Parabola-like but Backendless supports bulk operations

Regards, Vlad

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Thanks, @vladimir-upirov.

The link you posted above covers how to use the rest api to update multiple objects. Is there any documentation that covers how to do it using Codeless?

When I choose “Codeless” from the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of the page it does not refresh to a codeless version of the update multiple objects documentation, but instead seems to take me back to the homepage for all codeless documentation.

Hello @eddie7 ,

here you can find a short list of data codeless blocks Data API - Backendless Codeless Development Guide.

For bulk update you can use the following block:
You can use description from rest documentation Updating Multiple Objects - Backendless REST API Documentation to understand what parameters mean, changes property is a body in the ducumentation.

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For anyone interested in this topic, @mark-piller did a very helpful video series on Backendless data transforms and views.