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Can I pay automatically?

(Francesco Signorile) #1

Hi guys,
my app will go live on 21st of March.
I read about marketplace but what is not clear to me is how the automatic payment works.
In the attached screenshot, if I select the checkbox and click on “Activate”, I start paying from that moment or when the limit is reached? Because obviously until 21 March my app will not reach the limit of 1000 active user.
In other words, I must pay the first time to activate auto purchase or is there the possibility to activate this package but start paying when the limit will be reached?

(Mark Piller) #2


The limit of the active users has been removed, you do not need to worry about it. The function pack will be removed as well as it is no longer needed.


(Francesco Signorile) #3

Ok, and what about API calls? If I select that package in the marketplace page, there is no possibility to select auto purchase…

(Francesco Signorile) #4

By the way, My first question was about active users package however my question is about all the packages.

I have to pay for the first time then activate the auto purchase or can I set auto purchase before start paying?

(Mark Piller) #5


If you pay before the limit is met, there is no downtime for your app. There is no way right now to configure it to pay on “as needed” basis.