Can we make a non relational database in Backendless to hold data?


We would like to have a folder or database in backendless cloud with no relations. So we want to upload data form the app with no owner ID or User data (so its completely anonymous). Can this be done?


Feras A.


you can create a table without any relation.

Thank you Sergey, If I create a table by default it has ownerIDs and other columns. How do I go about making a table that has no relations.

can Backendless pro on my desktop be use to download data and then delete rows?

You can not create a table without default columns. But these columns are not relations.

When I upload data from my app. then the default columns will be filled in. I don’t want to have anything other than the data that I upload.

Unfortunately it is not posible.

Just want to clarify,

Do you want to get data without any additional fields? and it does not matter how it stores?

I have created small example, here it is how it looks like in backendless console
then I have created afterFindById codeless business logic

then use next curl:

curl -X GET '' -v

and response is:


that is what you want?

Hi Sergey,

Thank you. What matters to us is that the data is not stored with any identifying information. We have two options:

  1. This is possible in Backendless cloud and we can store audio files in a folder without anything identifying the audio files.

  2. This cannot be done, in which case we want to store the .wav files in Backendless cloud, download them to our computer and then delete the information in Backendless cloud.

Either option needs to be compatible with automation.


Feras A.

if you want to save files, you may use Files Service api. The files will be saved as is. without any additional data.


When you import data, the ownerId column will not be populated. It contains value only when an authenticated user saves an object.

As for “anything identifying the audio files”, I am not sure what you mean. Please clarify.



Basically I want the ownerID not to be populated when an authenticated user saves an object.



Backendless does not work this way, if there is an authenticated user, ownerId will be assigned.



Can I access backendless cloud data from my desktop?


Feras A.

Yes. You can use web-console or as instance below (code just in plain java):

Backendless.initApp( APPLICATION_ID, API_KEY );
Backendless.Data.of( "<YourTable>" ).findById( "<objectId>" );

or cURL:

curl --request GET \
  --url http://backendless-dev.local:9000/<appId>/<apiKey>/data/&lt;tableName&gt;

For more information, please see our documentation

Hi Oleg,

I don’t want to connect though an Android App. I want to use terminal? is this possible.

Or Can I automate the download and deletion in the web console?


Feras A.

I tried :

curl -H application-id:************ -H secret-key:************** -X GET -v<DIRECTORY>

But that read what files there is but did not download them.


Feras A.

What is your application id, so i can try by myself ?
What Backendless version do you use ?
If you are on the Backendless 3.x i would recommend go to 4.x version.

My Application ID is E7D13D4D-883B-8361-FF0F-A68236F26500 and I use 3.x