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Cannot add Spaces and "&" in Geolocation Category

Hi, i am not able to create Category names in Geolocation with “&” and spaces in the console and the android API. When i create a category in Webapp, i get an error message as “Category names can be only a-z, A-Z and 0-9 and cannot begin with a number”. When i try from the Android API, i get the following Exception:

BackendlessException{ code: '4031', message: 'Invalid category name: Spa & Saloon' }

Somebody? Anybody?

Hi Basanth,

Valid category name cannot include spaces or ampersand and must be alphanumeric.



Hi Denys, so my app has categories with spaces… so do i need to map these Categories with Spaces and Ampersand by using underscores in a different table?


Yes, you should. Or store category id and it’s name in the same table.



Thank you Denys.