cannot delete a record with internal error


I have import around 200 records from my existing system to backendless, but it has an error on API then it could not complete them all.
However, problem is I cant delete a record (I tried to clean the table to import again). And It causes API error when I retrieve records from API. My app id is D61AA730-92C3-EC82-FF6F-722AB91D2400
Please help.

Hi, Dang!

Does your error still reproduce?
Can you send the ID of internal server error if you still get one?

Hi, Thank for your support. It becomes normal after a while…

I think a auto fixing machine backendless is using work perfectly :slight_smile:

it happened again and there is no reason why and how to solve it…
Last time, it became fine after few hours but sometime, I cant wait…