Cannot find my app in console nor open an export file via email

I have been out of backendless for almost 5 months due to injuries and I returned today to find that one of my apps is not present!!!
I had an app for which I keep paying $10 a month for unlimited developers from marketplace, for which I am being charged every month, but cannot find the app under my account.
Also I cannot find such option in market place since the pricing has changed in past few months I believe.
I had the export file sent to my email a few months ago and I can’t seem to open it either - with it showing invalid username and password - but I can login to console using the same username / password.
Any help is appreciated - please treat this as urgent.

Hello Arun

We can restore the app if you provide your appId.

Regards Anton


Thanks for the quick reply. Where can I find the appID? Is it the “application id” that backendless provided that we use in the app, along with the secret key?


Yes, that’s the value I need.

Regards Anton

Here is the app id -

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your response, I got back the app in my console now.

But I am facing a few breaking issues.

  1. I am being charged $10 a month for unlimited developers (as per old plan) - but I get a notification that I have exceeded maximum developers for current plan and I have to remove excess developers or switch to a new plan.

  2. So I decided to remove the extra developers, but I see that I don’t have permission to do any of those operations!! I am the admin / owner / creator of the project and I don’t have permissions to add / remove developers?

  3. I can’t see / add / edit my Billing details - every time I try to access I get an internal server error. So I can’t even go and change my card details to stop being charged $10 for what I can’t use with your system.

  4. I can’t even export all my data because I have to resolve the exceeded developer issue - which I cannot resolve, because I don’t have permission to remove (which is weird) and I can’t change the plan (due to server error).

Please help me with these issues at the earliest.


Hi Arun,
It looks like that some error occurred during restoring of your app.
I’ve just created an internal ticket to resolve your problem ASAP (BKNDLSS-14026).
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards Ilya

Hi Arun,

we have fixed all issue that you reported, also I have removed
please check if everything is fine with your application