Cannot log in with imported facebook user.

Hey guys, I have seen a similar issue answered but I think my problem is slightly different.

Basically I import users from parse manually. The facebook id of the user is set to the field “username” (which is also my identity field.)

When I try to login with my user, i receive the following error: ‘3033’ [Unable to register user. User already exists.] <Unable to register user. User already exists.>

Alternavely, I have tried importing my users but not saving the facebook id to the “username” field, but instead to another field. In this case, when I want to log in my user via facebook, I creates a second, different user (and I would like the app instead to log in the existing imported user…)

Can you please help?

thanks !


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the facebook id of the user should be set to the field ‘id’ (creates automatically once you login for the first time in app via FB).

Thanks Stanislaw, this worked. I should also add that the “id” field must also be the identity field. I had another field called “username” set as identity, and it wasn’t working (basically backendless trying to create a new user but then, thinking that it already exists)