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Cannot preview app anymore

I’m sorry to say that UI Builder comes across as buggy in the two weeks that I’ve been using it now.

Besides experienced downtime for the EU dev environment, there’s my other question about functions that don’t seem to work, and now even my whole page is broken…

Please help! I’m trying to show my app to management and it’s just not working. If this keeps happening we must switch to another platform and I don’t want that, I’ve spent already lots of time on watching the courses and developing.

App ID is 618594EC-B456-4DF2-8DCD-78C3E713EC13.

I have solved this problem myself by making a copy of the page. The copy works.

EDIT: Literally 8 minutes later I get 502 Bad Gateway and NOTHING works again…


I know I’m still in my trial period, not paying for the product, but we really want to continue using this but it’s now getting very annoying. I’m spending a lot of time waiting for problems to be fixed instead of developing…

Please try to solve this ASAP. I will spend the time the system is offline finding other Nocode platforms because my boss wants that. I don’t :frowning:

Hello @Michiel_Prins1

Sorry for inconvenience. Is it works well now?

Regards, Dima.

For now, I’m happy to report that it works.

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