Cannot retrieve an item's Owner Object

I have Posts data table, which get assigned with an automatic ownerId based on the logged in user that posted them (Those without an ownerId are considered anonymous).
I would like retrieve the Posts with their User data (name, email) but it seems the relationship is not reflected in both the javascript SDK:

const PostsStore = Backendless.Persistence.of(Post);
var query = new Backendless.DataQuery();
query.options = {relations:["ownerId"]};
export function getPosts(){
return PostsStore.find(query);

Also using the REST api does not yield the desired results:

It seems whatever I do, I can’t get the User data…
Just getting something like this ( I will remove authorEmail once I have the relationship working):

 "image": "*********/******.jpg",
 "authorEmail": "***************",
 "created": 1465818079000,
 "___class": "Post",
 "title": "gim",
 "ownerId": "C35E75A4-1BCB-15B8-FFDB-9C290C16D700",
 "updated": null,
 "objectId": "DE14D6F4-00B5-D47C-FFC5-57B078847300",
 "__meta": "{\"relationRemovalIds\":{},\"selectedProperties\":[\"image\",\"authorEmail\",\"created\",\"___class\",\"title\",\"ownerId\",\"updated\",\"objectId\"],\"relatedObjects\":{}}"

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi Shai,

The ownerId field is not a relation, but just a STRING column. So you’ll have to retrieve the user by its ID manually, or store a relation to the owner in some additional column.

Thanks I ended up storing the relation…