cannot retrieve data from backendless asynchronuously android

private void getTopic(String date){

String whereClause = "devotional_date = "+ date;
BackendlessDataQuery dataQuery = new BackendlessDataQuery();
Backendless.Data.of(Devotional.class).find(dataQuery, new AsyncCallback<BackendlessCollection<Devotional>>() {
    public void handleResponse(BackendlessCollection<Devotional> devotionalCollection) {
        if (devotionalCollection.getData().size() != 0) {
            for (Devotional dev : devotionalCollection.getData()) {
                topic = dev.getTopic();
                memory_verse = dev.getMemoryVerse();
                content = dev.getContent();
                add_scrpt = dev.getAddScript();
                confession = dev.getConfession();
        } else {
            devTopicTV.setText("devotional not available for this date");

    public void handleFault(BackendlessFault backendlessFault) {


class Devotional package com.test.olamide.illumination;

  • Created by user on 6/5/2016.
    public class Devotional {

    private String devotional_date;
    private String topic;
    private String memoryVerse;
    private String content;
    private String addScript;
    private String confession;

    public String getDevotionalDate() {
    return devotional_date;

    public void setDevotionalDate(String devotional_date) {
    this.devotional_date = devotional_date;

    public String getTopic() {
    return topic;

    public void setTopic(String topic) {
    this.topic = topic;

    public String getMemoryVerse() {
    return memoryVerse;

    public void setMemoryVerse(String memoryVerse) {
    this.memoryVerse = memoryVerse;

    public String getContent() {
    return content;

    public void setContent(String content) {
    this.content = content;

    public String getAddScript() {
    return addScript;

    public void setAddScript(String addScript) {
    this.addScript = addScript;

    public String getConfession() {
    return confession;

    public void setConfession(String confession) {
    this.confession = confession;


Clarify please, what do you mean under “cannot retrieve data”?
Do you receive an exception? Or server returns empty collection?
Thank you!

Server returns empty collection. And when I debugged it… I couldn’t pin point what is exactly wrong with it

Put a breakpoint on line “dataQuery.setWhereClause(whereClause);” and copy whereClause value from it to backendless data console. Than enable SQL search and check if the clause is correct.

As I see, it contains date value. Make sure that it’s presented as timestamp in milliseconds, for example, like this: created = ‘1466164440000’

hello Alexandr, i have done all that and yet still it is not retrieving the data

You mean that you’re able to retrieve objects with your where clause through console, but not through android?