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Cannot use custom function

Hi, I’ve created a function that clears form inputs:


And I’m using this in a Cancel button to clear the form:


But when I click the button I get:

I think I’m following instructions, what am I doing wrong?

I think I know… Is seems that it’s not possible to pass Page Data to a function? If I try to do that, I get this error.

I do however think it would be good to be able to pass Page Data to a function. I need to clear a form on two occasions: at Submit, but also at Cancel. I would like to write a function that clears the fields, which I can call from both OncClick events.

How to do this?

Hello @Michiel_Prins1

You could pass Page Data to function.

Can you please provide your app id?

We investigate your issue.

Regards, Dima

I have just found the cause of the problem myself. Look at this image:


I have named the input variable “Page Data”, which seems to collide with the normal “Page Data”. That is obviously a problem for the system. I renamed the variable in my function to “PageData” without the space, and now it works.

I suggest a feature request (or bug fix) to prevent creation of input variables with the names “Page Data” and “App Data”, as this causes these strange problems.

This issue is reproduced at me too. Thank you for reporting. I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-24834.
We will notify you when it been fixed.

Regards, Dima

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