Can't access Log Management Console

Whenever I try to access the Log Management in the backendless console, I can’t.

I only see the activity indicator view with the “Loading…” message indefinitely.

How can I solve this?


we already fixed this bug, but not released yet. But after the release of the fix you will see the error message instead of endlessly spinning loading spinner. The reason is that you don’t have assess to Log Management screen due to restricted permission for NonAuthenticated user. Go to Users - > Security & Restrictions - > choose NonAuthenticatedUser for changing permissions.


I don’t get what I need to do under Security & Restrictions.

I’ve selected the NonAuthenticatedUser but there is no permission to read log files. I have Data, Messaging, Media, Geolocation and Files. I’ve given this user permission to “read files” and “find data” but I still can’t access the Log Management console.

Do I need to wait to the new release, or is there any workaround for now?


Hi! Please provide your application id.

Can I send it to you privately? How?

It is fixed now.

I sent it already. Please let me know if you don’t receive it or need anything else.


As I wrote, the problem is fixed. Have you tried accessing the logging screen?

Oh, sorry… I guess I had a refreshing problem with this thread, because I didn’t see your previous comment.

Yes. I can access it now!

It seems that changes to Logging configuration aren’t being saved, since I changed the Application-wide log level from DEBUG to ALL, and when I come back to Logging configuration, DEBUG is there again.

Besides, I’m trying to log things from CBL but I can’t see no logs being registered in the console…

For example:

Logger logger = Backendless.Logging.getLogger( "net.mydomain.myApp.myCustomAPIService" );
logger.debug( "user Token: " + InvocationContext.getUserToken() );

The issue will be fixed in the next upcoming release, by now try putting all permissions GRANT on Loggers table

It looks like I can’t access the Log management console again. It gets stucked “Loading…” like before.