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Cant select and pay for spingboard plan for my app

Hello, I want to buy springboard plan for my app, and when i chose to add card,appears this massege: “When a credit card is added, your application will remain on the Cloud99 plan when your free trial ends. Would you like to continue with adding the credit card?”
What should i do to buy only springboard ?

Hello @Egor_Podlutskiy

Once you added a credit card you will be able to buy and switch to the Springboard plan

Regards, Vlad

Hi Egor,

You can disregard the message. Add a credit card, once it is there, purchase Springboard Shortcut from Marketplace. Once the shortcut is purchased, you can switch the app to the Springboard plan on the Manage > Billing screen.


Thanks a lot, it helps. Can i delete my credit card info somewhere ?

No, but we can delete it for you.

Delete please.