Change "Confirmation Template" to send HTML


Can the built in Email Templates send HTML content? I know that the templates can be customized but can they send HTML? I tired but the email was sent as a text email which just showed my HTML markup.


The built-in “Confirmation template” (in Users > Email templates) functionality can send only emails. But if you need some logic to be executed after user registration - you can accomplish it by using event handlers, ‘after registration’ in your case. And execute required logic inside a handler - redirect to the html page or else. You can locate the file in Backendless File service and read it after user registration, for example

I’m sorry, what I meant is can we send HTML (vs text) emails?

Hello Dan,

You can’t write your custom HTML tags in a template, but you can use the built-in text editor to add link, images, text effects etc.

Ok thanks. That will work.