Change User Property at One End and Retrieve the Property at Another

Hi all,
I am new to Backendless and I am trying to make a messenger app as a final project for my CS class. (Android Studio, 5.1)
Basically, both devices have to sign on with the same username and password. When Device A sends a message, it takes the content of said message and set it as the property (Message) of the user. Then Device B can check the Message property of the same user(under a timed loop) and display any new messages.
Right now, I am able to set the user property to what I want and retrieve it back. When I test with one device, I tricked the device to think that the message I just sent is from another device and it was able to display the message correctly. However, when I test it with 2 devices, device A can set and retrieve the new property but on device B the content of the property is not changed.
Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I attached the code if any of the description doesn’t make sense. Please note the code is called when the user logs in in Login Activity so everything should be able to transfer over.
Thanks a lot.

Code.txt (4.89kB)

Hi Tom,

We do not debug developer apps as it would make it very difficult to scale the support operation. What I would recommend is debug the app and see whether the updated value is received from the server. If it is, then the bug would be somewhere in the logic for updating the property on the client.