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Changed REST logging API?

(exodeveloper) #1

In the logging API documentation (, you explain the concept of “Loggers”, but in the console it looks different. There is no Logger configuration but in the REST API documentation for logging, I’m still supposed to provide a value for the Logger. Is the Logger still needed and if so, why can’t I configure it in the console as explained in the documentation?

(exodeveloper) #2

I’m sorry, but being a beginner I do not understand what you mean…

I want to see the “Category loggers” section and you told me that I cannot see it because I have added a custom logger. Yet, when I ask how get the “Category loggers” section appear, you tell me I should add a custom logger. That is logically contradictory. Did you perhaps mean “If you CAN’T see Category loggers section, that’s because…”? That would make sense but I still do not understand how to create a custom logger through API.

Could you please provide some sort of step-by-step explanation on a beginner’s level? I’m still new to your service and trying to learn…

(Denys Konakhevych) #3


Integration with some services has been added since the time article was written.
But configuration of loggers is the same.

If you can see Category loggers section, that’s because you have not added custom loggers yet.



(exodeveloper) #4

I can see three sections: “Integrations”, “Logging configuration” and “Log files”. I cannot see “Category loggers” but I have not added any custom loggers either (first time I even look in this tab)… How can I make the “Category loggers” section appear (just as it is displayed in your documentation)?

(Denys Konakhevych) #5

You should create your custom logger through api

(exodeveloper) #6

…or did you mean that the “Category loggers” section will be created and automatically populated as I define the loggers via the “logger” parameter in the REST request (

(Denys Konakhevych) #7

Yes, it is typo.
If you can see -> If you can’t see.
Logger will be created automatically as soon as you send log message to logger with specified name.
Also you can create it adding new record to Loggers table (as logger with name Global logger). After this section will appear in loggers settings tab.