CodeRunner crashes due to JedisConnectionException

Unfortunately whenever I run the CodeRunner.bat it works for a while but then suddenly runs into an exception and whenever I try and run code on a client the client just freezes on any request to the server and then gets the same exception as in the log listed below.

Is there any ports I need to forward to prevent this from happening or something?

Hi Benjamin!

Could you show your file?

And do you have stable internet connection?
This error can appear if you lost internet connection for some time.

Never really have any issues with my internet connection, video playback in the background runs smooth and games online never stutter.

I’ve removed the reference to my secretKey for the upload but it’s still on my local file.

Hi Benjamin,

The log you posted earlier shows that CodeRunner was running for 11 hours without any activity before it reported an error with Jedis (from 9:30 till 20:41).

I suspect the connection got dropped and we will definitely look into it, however, CodeRunner as a tool is meant to be used only for short-lived debug sessions. Running it for that long is not advisable and will be restricted in the future.


The issue occurs on short term sessions no longer than 15 minutes as well. There doesn’t seem to be an issue until I send in a request, it was left on overnight with no activity so there was no error as soon as I made a request I got the error. If I was to run the program for 15 minutes the same thing happens.

Is the problem intermittent or it occurs every time?


Occasionally I’ll get a good run where it lasts but most of the time it will stay active for a short period then stop.

Here’s a log for reference, the exception happened when I attempted to login on one of my clients. It worked the first time and was able to parse information fine, but once I closed the client and opened it again to login I got the error and subsequent requests result in the same error.

We will add logic to reestablish connection in CodeRunner, it will improve the utility stability.