columns position are not fixed

Hi guys, thank you for your awesome service - backendless.

I have an problem. I want to fix all positions of my columns at the Data Browser of my objects. I’ve setup it, but on every import of data and tables or when I will login on new PC it has been reseted.

How to save positions of columns in my Data Browser for schema?
Look at the screenshot.

Hi Oleg,

Column positions, order, and visibility are stored in the browser’s local storage - not on the server. As a result, when you login on another computer, the changes are not going to be visible.

As for the import, are you importing data into the existing tables or the new ones?


Hey Mark,

Thank you for your fast response.

Can you add this feature to your next sprint, backlog? I really tired to move columns on every time.
On my work I need to clean the browsers cache very often.

I’ve exported v3 data to v4 data and my column positions has been changed.

Hi Oleg,

Since 4.0 and 3.x are two separate apps, column order would not be maintained after export/import.

When you clear browser cache, exclude local storage and the order will stay untouched.