Couldn't hear sound clearly using IOS SDK

Hello Team,

I have downloaded you live video streaming IOS SDK, and its working but i am facing one problem , i couldn’t hear audio/voice clearly . when i start video broadcasting on receiver side i can’t able voice clearly so its there any sound setting i need to while start video broadcasting.

please replay me as soon as possible.

Hi Nics,

Please clarify: do you need ‘audio only’ mode?
Could you try our VideoService sample (obj-c or swift)? - they work fine, you could investigate how they are organized.

Hii Vyacheslav Vdovichenko

No , I am broadcasting video, and yes we have use your sample code its working fine in IOS 9.2 but when i am broadcasting video and playback on IOS 9.3 , the sounds coming very slow on receiver side, sometimes i couldn’t hear sender voice.

To route audio to the speaker use:

[MPMediaData routeAudioToSpeaker];

If you investigated our VideoService sample, you can see this line - it is what you need.

Thanks for support,

its seems working, but you must mention in IOS documentation as well, by the way its working.