create new row in files table very time a new file uploads

how can we create a new row every time a new file being uploaded into files table or can we create primary keys so that files which are already uploaded with the same name should not conflict with this new uploaded file

Files are uploaded into the File storage, which is different than Data storage. The former stores files, the latter stores data objects… With that said, could you perhaps rephrase your question so it would be easier to understand?

hey mark ,

am talking about files which are being uploaded into files storage , and am trying to know that how to deal with problem of same names of uploaded files because if we have files with same name the previous one got replaced by a recent uploaded file can we do something for this because there are high chances that a user can upload a file with the same name of existing uploaded file into storage

A directory cannot contain two different files with the same name (isn’t it how file systems work?? )) If Parse allowed it, in my opinion it is not a “feature”, but a hack. You should work around this by making changes in the app logic (for example, add username/id as a the directory which contains user’s files).

hey mark ,

can we rename them while uploading am able to do this with bitmaps i am just adding the timeStamp as postfix on the objects name , but bitmap’s and file’s upload api are different thats why i don’t know how to rename the files while uploading them

Hi Billion, I think a simpler solution is to add user id to the path name so it becomes a directory which stores user files. This way you do not need to rename anything a tall.

yeah okay then ,